Christmas Festivities at Logos School

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Christmas time comes and goes, but memories remain.  Christmas time at Logos School is a time of excitement, buzz and festivities! Every pupil, Kindergarden to Grade 13; every teacher, Art Department to Chemistry; every staff member has been involved in making this time of year special and memorable.

Every grade was busy decorating their classroom to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Primary pupils learnt songs for Christmas plays, rehearsing their lines and practicing their dance moves over and over again. Teachers delighted pupils with different Christmas activities, such as baking gingerbread men, preparing Advent Calendars and making Christmas ornaments.

Kindergarten 1 and 2 amused everyone with songs and dancing, during their Christmas Show. What could be cuter than 4 and 5 year olds twirling like  Christmas trees or hopping like  Reindeer?


Grades 1 and 2 prepared their own Christmas show, too. “A Little Bird Told me” told a story of a little bird witnessing the birth of Jesus. The dress rehearsals were open to the whole school, while the evening show was reserved for friends and family. While the birds were the main characters of the show, the sheep made a memorable appearance, too.

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Grades 3 and 4 also enjoyed acting and singing for their Christmas program called “Stargazers”. The play depicted the three wise men on their search to find the new king who would give His life for everyone.  “One Big Party” quickly became the kids’ favourite song, as it had a lot of actions.


Grades 5 and 6′s play was called “The Magical Christmas Jigsaw”. This brought together the different aspects of the Christmas Story with songs and drama. It proved to be a great success.


In addition to the Christmas shows, other festivities were organized thoroughout the school.

Grade 1 had a “Polar Express” day, to reinforce their learning about the story of the polar express and to stimulate their imagination. Children, as well as Mrs. Lorna and Mr. Keir, dressed up in their pyjamas. Using the tickets they made they got onboard the imaginary polar express. They then watched the movie version of the polar express while having lots of hot chocolate!

Grade 2 had a Snow Ball organised in the Hall. Children dressed in fancy ball gowns and suits. They learned ball room dances, a skill they might find very useful one day.

Last, but not least, Grade 11 helped decorate some secondary  classrooms to bring Christmas cheer and Grade 12 helped decorate the Office Christmas Tree.

The last assembly of the year reminded everyone of the true reason for the season’s joyful and cheery hustle and bustle – Jesus born into this world. What a reason to celebrate!