Grade 8 OXFAM fundraiser

Last term in English Language, the grade 8 class completed a unit called ‘Feeding the World’. It taught them about people around the world who do not have enough food to eat or clean water to drink. They did research and then gave oral presentations about the work of various international aid organisations. They were convinced that if everyone does something small, we can make a big difference in the lives of those who are suffering and less fortunate. Upon their own initiative, the class decided to try to raise money that they would donate to OXFAM (the agency chosen based on the presentations). With great enthusiasm, a fund-raising programme developed.

The first part was to sell Logos School bags. Because the bags were left over from a previous event, 100% of the sales went to OXFAM. They advertised by an announcement and posters around the school (both of which are part of the English curriculum). All of the bags were sold, giving an income of €125 euros, including some additional donations.

The second event was a 5-kilometre sponsored walk. Students put their persuasive writing strategies into action and designed promotional posters. They also used their finest public speaking skills to explain the campaign to younger grades. During two break times, they asked fellow students and members of staff to sponsor the OXFAM walk. They were surprised and delighted by the generous response which far exceeded their expectations. On Friday afternoon, 27 November, the class walked from Logos School to the seafront for 5 kilometres. Everyone enjoyed the experience.

The OXFAM website gives plenty of information about exactly how donations are used. There are ongoing projects in specific areas of the world as well as emergency relief funds. The class learned about the various needs and then voted on where they wanted the money to go. They chose to give €200 each to the refugee crisis and to war relief in Yemen; a further €267 was given to help meet the ongoing needs of the poverty-stricken country of Niger.

A total of €667.15 euros was donated to OXFAM by Logos School students — an impressive and generous amount which we believe will make a significant impact in the lives of many less fortunate in the world.