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Logos School of
English Education
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Logos School of
English Education
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10th Grade Options (September 2014)

Compulsory subjects:

Religious Studies+ and Physical Education+.

The following subjects depend on the approval of the subject teacher:

Mathematics ExtendedorMathematics Core*
English Language* and Literature1orEnglish as a Second Language*

Optional subjects:

B)Business Studiesor(IGCSE) P.E.*

1 Only English Literature is offered at A Level.
2 Greek & I.T. are only offered up to AS Level.
* These subjects are only offered up to IGCSE.
+ These subjects are not IGCSE courses and not available at A Level.

Unless indicated otherwise, these subjects are IGCSE courses and are currently offered up to A level. For an explanation of IGCSE and higher courses, please see below:

Qualifications: Grades 10 to 13


Logos School is a recognised International Centre for Cambridge International and Edexcel examinations. These are international exams prepared in Cambridge and London, to the same standard as UK examinations. These qualifications are therefore recognised by colleges, universities and employers. Success in the IGCSE is evidence of a high academic standard that can be demonstrated internationally. IGCSEs or International General Certificates of Secondary Education are generally examined in grade 11 and are the culmination of two years of study. Unlike a more general examination, IGCSEs allow students to demonstrate their ability in a specific subject, up to a high standard. The examinations are provided by external examining boards, with Logos School acting as a centre. They are optional and therefore there are additional fees, per subject taken. One or more examinations may be taken. Students expecting to attend university would normally aim to take exams in at least five subjects. IGCSEs are becoming increasingly recognised internationally. Taking the IGCSE exams is not necessary for a student to complete the school year and to progress to 12th grade. However, it may effect their options, see below.

AS/A Levels in Grades 12 and 13

Students who have achieved at least a B grade at IGCSE may study for an AS exam in the relevant subject in 12th grade. Students who gain a grade C in an extended subject will be considered for classes that are already being offered. There are external exams in the summer and a certificate can be gained or the student may continue in 13th grade to study for the Advanced Level Exams. It is these A-Levels which are generally required for entrance to UK Universities.


Students who have successfully reached 12th grade are working towards their school diploma, which is important for further study in Cyprus and in many other countries. Students who do not study for the AS exams will study school diploma subjects. There are no external exams or certificates for these subjects, but there will be end of year examinations.